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HK Growth Enterprise Market

As a gateway to Mainland China and with close trading and business links to other Asian economies, Hong Kong is strategically placed in a high growth region. Over the years, Hong Kong has developed into an internationally recognised financial centre and has provided many Asian and multinational companies with fund-raising opportunities. Growth enterprises particularly those emerging ones, i.e. enterprises that have good business ideas and growth potential, however, may not always be able to take advantage of these opportunities. A great number of them do not fulfill the profitability/track record requirements of the existing market of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong ( i.e. main board of the Exchange ) and are therefore unable to obtain a listing. The Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) is designed to bridge this gap.

GEM offers growth enterprises an avenue to raise capital
GEM offers investors an alternative of investing in "high growth, high risk"businesses.
GEM provides a fund raising venue and a strong identity to foster the development of technology industries in Hong Kong and the region.GEM promotes the development of venture capital investments.